Monday, April 30, 2012

Restaurant Review, The Newell Post, Concord, New Hampshire, New breakfast joint worth a visit

As I was driving to my sister’s house for Easter, I notice what appears to be a new restaurant on Fisherville Road in Concord. After a bit of investigative work, I soon discovered that the former owners of Summer Breeze had decided to open a restaurant at this location. I hope this will be a good breakfast option where there are few in Concord.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Restaurant Review: Shorty's Grill, Bedford, New Hampshire, We won't make the same mistake twice

Editors Note:  04/05/13 {It looks like what was formerly the Shorty's Grill has now been turned back into a Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse.  There is no mention of what was the Shorty's Grill when you visit their website}

I was reluctant to try Shorty's Grill after reading a bunch of reviews on Yelp that were almost all bad. And I have never been a fan of The Shorty's Mexican Restaurants. That said, I am always willing to give a restaurant a chance despite what anyone else may say or think.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Restaurant Review: Ollie's, Manchester, New Hampshire, Nice Family Place

This is not a story about Oliver (Ollie) Hardy from the old Oliver and Hardy comedy team. Instead, it is a family Greek restaurant on the west side of Manchester called Ollie's that a lot of you have probably never heard of.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Restaurant Review, MoeJoe's Family Restaurant, Manchester, New Hampshire, Good Breakfast

Hey Moe, hey Joe, where are Larry and Curly? Although the name of MoeJoe's Family Restaurant may remind you of the three stooges the food is no laughing matter. This Portuguese and American restaurant off the traffic circle near Route 101 has a lot to offer and although we haven't tried lunch or dinner our recent visit at breakfast was very good.