Monday, December 10, 2012

Time for a Road Trip to Rein's Deli in Vernon, Connecticut

When my in-law's stumbled upon Rein's Deli many years ago, it was a food gift like no other. Visits have become a family tradition and I'm glad to be part of them now.

Besides the food, one of the greatest things about Rein's is the location. Just off of I84 in Vernon, Connecticut, you have to pass Rein's if you are traveling from most New England states south of New York.

On our latest journey to the Hudson River Valley in New York over the Thanksgiving holiday it just so happened (Okay, maybe I planned it that way) that we were driving past around lunch time. So I looked at my wife and said "where do you want to go for lunch?" Kind of an inside joke as we both knew that we were heading for Rein's.

The food is delicious! They have an extensive menu -- everything from breakfast all day to sandwiches, and comfort food such as mac 'n cheese. So if you find yourself traveling over the holidays be sure to include a break in Connecticut at Rein's.

A great deli wouldn't be complete without pickles:

Of course I get a large Rueben:

My wife selected their Rachel:

Got to have fries to go along with a sandwich:

For dessert their chocolate fudge cake. Many items are available for take-out so be sure to check out the coolers on the way out.

A few suggested times from select towns and cities.

Litchfield, New Hampshire two hours 12 minutes or 120 miles

Providence, Rhode Island one hour 35 minutes or 65 miles

Worcester, Massachusetts, one hour or about 50 miles

Want to know how far from your house to this road trip destination. Click on the address below to find out.
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