Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Road Trip: A & J King Bakery, Salem, Massachusetts

There is nothing better than taking a road trip to Salem, Massachusetts this time of year to get you into the spirit of Halloween. It seems that whenever we visit it is always a dark dreary day which is fine since it suits the environment well. Ghosts, goblins, and of course, witches come to mind when we think of this small city. There are many attractions available for those of you that enjoy getting scared out of your wits. While we tend to enjoy the people watching more than most of the “haunted” themed events, it makes sense to also incorporate some good food into our road trip to the north shore of Massachusetts.

My wife discovered A & J King several years back and we go back whenever we find ourselves in the area. This is the type of place that we love, a small independent shop with a nice story. A couple from Maine, Jackie and Andy King, decided to make their dream come true and moved to Salem and opened a bakery. All we can say is thank you.

You can look through a window outside and see the delicious baked goods being prepared. They have cookies, brownies, croissants, muffins, as well as many varieties of bread including garlic sourdough and olive bread. My personal favorite is the caramel bourbon pecan bread pudding:

Get this warmed up a little, delicious! To accompany a delicious snack are a large number of coffee creations, espresso, and many flavors of tea.

Don't forget the sandwiches all made with their homemade bread. We could see others eating and munching on these and they did look amazing. Next time we need to try one.

If you are looking for something to do here a few suggestions.

The Witch Museum gives you a brief history of the Salem Witch Trials. It’s worth a visit.

One of our favorite museums is the Peabody Essex.

And for places to stay we recommend the Salem Waterfront Hotel.

A few estimated times from some New England cities:

Portland, ME, about 1 hour and 30 minutes or 88 miles

Montpelier, VT, about 1 hours and 15 minutes or 150 miles

Hartford, CT, about 1 hour and 51 minutes or 120 miles

Want to know how far it is from you and A & J King Bakery. Click on the address link below for a map to find out.

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