Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Discover PastAmore in Amherst

When the moon hits your eye like a big Pizza Pie that's PastAmore. Since I love music this seems like a fitting introduction to this Italian Restaurant in Amherst that we decided to check out recently. If our meal was any indication we think you will hit the moon when you taste the food.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ice Cream: Lang's in Pembroke

There is nothing more exciting than opening season at local ice cream stands. When we found out that Lang's in Pembroke had opened we headed out to sample one of our local favorites. A small stand and the type of place that is a nice stop for all you soft serve fans. Located on Pembroke Street their menu offers soft and hard ice cream along with dogs, burgers, sandwiches, subs and plates.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You will become a regular at the D.W. Diner in Merrimack

The first time we went to what is now the D.W. Diner several years ago it was nothing more than a small rectangular restaurant with a few tables inside. Boy, have times changed. At some point, not sure on the exact date a renovation occured and the space was not only enlarged but prettied up with a fresh decor. As time went on and word got out it just got busier and the waits longer so you guessed it, another expansion. This time, a second room was added, more tables and booths along with ice cream. Okay so the ice cream didn't work out but I have to give the owner credit for trying some new things and especially expanding which has really been a benefit for his customers. Although still very busy the waits aren't nearly as long. So yes, we really like the D.W. Diner, Number 6 on our top breakfast haunts in New Hampshire.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Derry Restaurant & Pizza, a lot better than it sounds

Although the Derry Restaurant & Pizza may not sound like much, there is a lot to like about this restaurant. Images of subs & pizzas might come to mind – at least that was our reaction when we first drove by. I honestly don't remember why we decided to try it a few years ago but we are certainly glad that we did.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Free cone day at Ben & Jerry's on Tuesday, April 9th

In case you haven't heard, this Tuesday, April 9th is free cone day at participating Ben & Jerry's locations. Needless to say we love the idea of free ice cream! Not all stores are participating in this annual event. I did check on the three located in New Hampshire (Manchester, Meredith, and North Conway) and they are all joining in on the fun. However, if you live outside of New Hampshire, I would advise you to check their map before you venture out.

If the weather forecast for Tuesday is correct, it will be a nice warm spring day in the Northeast. Wow! Toasty weather and free ice cream, take that Groundhog.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Gibbet Hill Grill: Groton, Massachusetts

Sometimes I wonder how on earth my wife finds restaurants that I have never heard of ever. Her investigative skills are uncanny. I was skeptical a few years ago when we headed into the dark of night on unfamiliar roads when she took me to the Gibbet Hill Grill to celebrate my birthday. How did you find out about this place? I asked. Needless to say she didn’t reveal her sources but we enjoyed our experience. Recently for my father-in-law’s birthday we decided to revisit and needless to say you will appreciate my wife finding out about the Gibbet Hill Grill. It's a short 25 minute drive from the Nashua, New Hampshire area for anyone that wants to see for yourself.