Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sunday Brunch at the Black Forest Cafe in Amherst

The Black Forest Cafe has been an institution for those that live in the Amherst, New Hampshire area for many years. We have been to their brunch several times and it has always been a wonderful experience. My wife decided that she wanted to try it again and made a reservation.

The Black Forest Cafe is more than just a restaurant. There is also a café to the right as you enter the building which houses one of the best bakeries in New Hampshire. In addition to the baked treats, you will find premade items such as meatloaf along with pasta salads and their famous chicken salad, wines and other munchies, basically a place that any foodie would love.

The main dining room is to the left, back and then straight as you walk in where they have a large area with many tables. After you sit down and get your drinks, the fun really starts as they bring over one of their bread baskets:

Filled with scones, biscuits and other sweet treats along with butters and their home made jams on the side. The flavors change regularly and everything is always delicious.

Their brunch menu is full of breakfast and lunch items including benedicts, pancakes, omelets, seafood crepes, chicken pot pie, sandwiches and salads to name a few. Our favorite is the Black Forest Scramble:

A combination of scrambled eggs, tomatoes, asparagus and mozzarella cheese served with their home fries and toast. If you are tired of getting the same breakfast all the time give this a try, amazing.

By the way, a few years back they experimented and decided to start serving dinner and it looks like that continues along with lunch. Remember to check out their marketplace and especially the bakery. They have the best coconut cake according to my wife. I personally think that the carrot cake is one of the best I’ve ever had.

So there you have it. If you have never been to the Black Forest Cafe it is time to make the trip. For everyone else, well, you already know that you should go back and visit.

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