Sunday, January 5, 2020

Stones Hospitality Group Planning New Restaurant At Pig Tale Site In Nashua

Stones Hospitality Group is planning a restaurant at the old Pig Tale site in Nashua.  According to a sign posted on the door, they are hiring for a new dining establishment that is coming soon.

For those who are unfamiliar with the company,  we can help fill you in on the details.  They have owned two very successful restaurants in Massachusetts for many years.  Moonstones, one of our favorites in Chelmsford has a small and large plate menu.  Their other spot under the name Cobblestones is in Lowell.

The concept has not been identified yet but will apparently have stones in the name.  Renovations look to be underway with a large white storage bin visible outside.

From our perspective, this is welcome news.  NH Reviews is hopeful for something similar to Moonstones that in addition to tapas has wonderful classic adult beverages and impeccable service.  

The location is 449 Amherst Street and they will be on the far right corner of the small shopping center.  Let’s hope that the owner has better luck in this space compared to Pig Tale. With Stones Hospitality Group at the helm, we believe the chances of success are good.