Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Sunny Side Up Is On The Way In Nashua

As many of you know we love a decent breakfast and NH Reviews is always looking for something different to try.  Nashua is a frequent destination but new places have been few and far between.  There is good news on the horizon because Sunny Side Up is on the way.

They will be at 427 Amherst Street, Unit 9.  The space is in a small mall to the right of Cucina Toscana restaurant.  Apparently,  there was a bead shop here previously.

In terms of information, there is little if anything online.  The main evidence of something happening is the sign above with bacon strips shown to the left. Paper covers the windows indicating that a renovation is happening.  There were lights on inside when we stopped by recently. Worker trucks with ladders on top were visible outside so something appears to be happening.

More importantly, a building permit is posted on the door from August that mentions a deli.  At only 1,500 square feet, the lot is small.  The cost of the project is listed at $5000.00 so our guess is that changes will be minimal.

NH Reviews has no estimate on when service may start.  The process looks to be moving along slowly.  We look forward to trying the breakfast at Sunny Side Up.