Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Dom’s Sports Bar To Open In Hudson

The rumors have been swirling over the last few years about a new dining establishment going in at 62 Derry Street in Hudson.  Initial reports had a Mexican restaurant setting up shop but that didn’t happen.  Now,  the place has a name. Dom’s Sports Bar & Grille is coming soon.

Renovations have begun with a large trash bin visible outside.  Changes to the 2,326 square foot space include new windows, siding, flooring, bathrooms, and a bar.  

The menu is still under development but expect to find pub cuisine and pizza.  Coca Cola is their soda vendor.

They are replacing a Pizza Hut that went out of business here like so many others for the poorly performing chain. We have found the quality of their food has gone down in recent years.  Expect to see more closings for them in the future.

Their demise has been a boon for new food service businesses such as Dom’s Sports Bar who are searching for a space that lets them move in quickly with low start-up costs.  Building a dining establishment where one didn’t exist before is extremely difficult.  The benefits usually outweigh any challenges when there was a prior restaurant because expenses are typically lower and the time to completion is not nearly as long.

Dom’s Sports Bar hopes to open sometime this spring.  We wish them well with their plans.