Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Discover PastAmore in Amherst

When the moon hits your eye like a big Pizza Pie that's PastAmore. Since I love music this seems like a fitting introduction to this Italian Restaurant in Amherst that we decided to check out recently. If our meal was any indication we think you will hit the moon when you taste the food.

We arrived to a very busy restaurant and after a few minutes we were seated at a table in the back. It took a little longer than I would like for our waiter to stop by after we were seated. The manager in the front needs to make sure that a server stops by soon after patrons are seated so they don't think they are forgotten.

We ordered up a couple of drinks, my selection was the house Chianti that was okay but did not set my world on fire. My wife went with a Cosmo and she was pleased with her selection.

The atmosphere is okay, they got the basics right at this restaurant where food is the name of the game. Light colors to go along with a dining room full of tables.

We looked over their plentiful menu and because we had never been here were not sure what to get. We asked our waiter and he was very helpful in terms of trying to help us figure this out. After some time we moved forward.

On the appetizer we chose their Suppli:

These are fried rice balls with mozzarella inside served with a meat marinara sauce. You would enjoy these as an appetizer.

Next for our entrees, I selected their chicken cacciatorie and went out on a limb with their homemade pappardelle pasta. A little nervous on this one because in the past I have not been thrilled with homemade pasta.

Wow!, this is one of the best I've ever had. As if Chef Giuliano had pureed the onion, peppers and mushrooms together. Whatever, it is a perfect combination that you should try and surprisingly I loved the homemade pasta too.

My wife decided on their shrimp scampi with the homemade pappardelle pasta. She thought it was tasty but had hoped for a few more shrimp on the plate.

Our server was good and helped us navigate the menu successfuly.

For dessert we had the chocolate mousse.


It is time for you to discover PastAmore. The owners, Chef Giuliano creating delicious meals in the kitchen and Luiz Pereira keeping an eye on the front of the house have done a great job with this restaurant. One of things that impressed me about Luiz is that he helps out the staff in the front and I saw him cleaning more than one table. More managers and owners should follow his lead and do more to help out the staff. Don't stand around watching, keep an eye on things and jump in when you know that help is needed.