Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ignite doing it right

The downtown Manchester restaurant scene has improved over the years and one of the mainstays has been the Ignite/Hooked combo on Hanover Street, near the Palace Theatre. We were interested to see why they have been around for a long time so we took a closer look at Ignite.

Upon entry my reaction was favorable. A fun lively bar scene awaits you while at the same time there is a cozy feel by design. Low black ceilings and hanging dim brown lights help with this effect. The main bar to the left and small dining area were smartly separated into half rectangles. The kitchen is open towards the back and only adds to the atmosphere appeal with cooks preparing meals in full view.

The two restaurants are right next to each other and co-owned providing some definite positives. Both menus are available giving their customers many more options with Hooked focused on seafood. Additionally if one is packed you can always check out the other and the wait may not be as long.

Our initial stop was at the bar while we waited for a table. This seemed to be very popular seeing how busy it was on this particular evening. The cocktail offerings are designed more for the martini crowd and their beer selection was small.

Per usual we asked our waitress for help in terms of suggestions but she was unsure on what to recommend. After scouring the menus from each restaurant we made some decisions beginning with the seafood cake appetizer. Filled with crab, shrimp and scallops these were dense and nicely browned. They were served with their own delicious remoulade.

I picked the Kings Bowl for an entree.

This is basically a taco salad but with better and fresher ingredients. Tender beef tips and shrimp along with rice, sautéed onions and peppers in a fried shell. This is topped with sour cream and their house made guacamole.

My wife chose the Sukiyaki Shrimp.

Four very large shrimp arrived and the flavor was excellent. My wife likes spicy food and this dish wasn’t too hot but had enough of a kick to balance out the sweet part of the sauce.

Our dessert was their amazing Tiramisu.

We say that whether you a visiting the Queen City for the first time or live localy, Ignite is worth a visit. Restaurants survive a long time by providing their customers with quality food in a fun environment and NH Reviews found that here.

Ignite Address:

100 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH 03101

Phone: 603-644-0064


Hooked Address:

110 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH  03101

Phone: 603-606-1189