Friday, June 22, 2018

The Village Cafe Coming Soon To Bradford

A new restaurant is set to open later this year in Bradford, The Village Cafe is on the way.

NH Reviews spoke to one of the two owners who wished to remain anonymous.  Having run a catering company for the last 5 years,  The Village Cafe seemed like a natural progression for them.  The restaurant will be a farm to table concept offering breakfast and lunch. Local ingredients will be used whenever possible from the Sweet Beet Market. They are still working on the menu and plan some standard weekly items such as sandwiches and healthy bowls along with other specialty options depending on what is available in season. The restaurant seats approximately 24 guests inside. A patio is in the works in the back but would be at least a year away.

But this story is much more about the local community than a restaurant. It is part of a larger project that starts with 2 investors who had purchased the old Bradford/Thistle Inn. They developed a partnership with the Kearsarge Food Hub and the Bradford Innovation Project was born. Together a decision was made to renovate the Inn to create a comfortable gathering place for the community and to fill a void as there is not a supermarket in town. The first phase on the lower floor is expected to have a shared-use commercial kitchen, Sweet Beet Market (the retailer for Kearsarge Food Hub), a Bakery, The Village Cafe, and a shared community event space. There will be much more in the future on the upper levels, stay tuned.

The principals look forward to doing their part to bring success to this initiative through The Village Cafe. They are doing something special along with others who are contributing to make this a reality. The community spirit is alive and all should be commended for what will be a major accomplishment. This is an ideal that everyone can and should support.

The timing of opening will depend on many factors including licensing and the progress of construction. They hope to be serving customers by this fall. NH Reviews wishes them the best of luck.

11 West Main Street
Bradford, NH 03221

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