Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Battle Over Plastic Straws In Restaurants

The plastic straw is under siege at restaurants.

We first became aware of this back in May at The Lakehouse Tavern in Hopkinton. There was a notice in the menu about too much plastic in the oceans with the option of paper straws on request. We didn’t think much of it at the time but this was only the beginning. The trend as you will see is real with more dining establishments jumping on the bandwagon.

Hermano’s in Concord has made the same change as well. Where NH Reviews had previously used plastic straws now only has the option of paper. They have been experimenting with different types but so far have not hit the mark. Imagine yourself trying to sip your water or favorite alcoholic beverage through something that tastes like a piece of chalk. Then, after a few minutes, the top starts getting soggy until eventually becoming a mushy mess.

Larger chains are joining the fray with Great NH Restaurants among them. The owners of T-BONES, Copper Door and Cactus Jack's are providing straws only on request.

Over the weekend, we saw another option at the Boathouse in Kennebunkport, Maine where they provided us with metal straws. These held up well and can be reused.  

NH Reviews agrees with the reduction of plastic, however; the industry needs to keep working to improve what is available for their customers.