Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Nina’s Bistro To Replace Sandwich Depot In Concord

We were driving by the old Sandwich Depot at 49 Hall Street in Concord recently and noticed lights on inside. A few years ago the popular breakfast and lunch spot had closed after more than thirty years and we wondered if something new might be on the horizon.

The plan according to our contact is for an American/Mediterranean restaurant under the name Nina's Bistro.  The would serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with beer and wine.  Keep in mind that this is still under development and subject to change.  

The existing space would be renovated including new flooring and possibly a terrace out front.  The parking lot that is a pothole filled mess may be expanded and freshly paved.

Work has begun on the interior although at an early stage from our observation. Ladders could be seen and stuff brought out for disposal.

The best optimistic estimate on opening was March but this could take much longer. NH Reviews will provide more information when we can.