Monday, April 30, 2012

Restaurant Review, The Newell Post, Concord, New Hampshire, New breakfast joint worth a visit

As I was driving to my sister’s house for Easter, I notice what appears to be a new restaurant on Fisherville Road in Concord. After a bit of investigative work, I soon discovered that the former owners of Summer Breeze had decided to open a restaurant at this location. I hope this will be a good breakfast option where there are few in Concord.

So, my wife and I headed out on a recent weekday to sample The Newell Post. You will notice that they have a small parking area and this may be an issue for them on busy weekends. It was not a problem for us as they had plenty of empty spaces on this day.

My first reaction as we walked into the restaurant was that I liked the interior. It is one of booths and light green colors along with hanging lamps. There is a large table in the middle that I think is for family seating, I'm not a fan so we will have to see how this is received by their customers.

The menu had what will be familiar breakfast items for most of us including omelets, pancakes, bacon etc...It is my understanding that they have a bake shop below the restaurant and will be doing their own baking, a plus in my eyes.

After reviewing the menu I decided on two eggs over medium, home fries, bacon, and their homemade bread. My wife had the hash omelet along with the same latter two items. Over all the breakfast was good, the coffee had a nice fresh flavor and I believe that they grind their own coffee beans. The hash was tasty and homemade. We were split on the home fries – I liked them but my wife did not. Sadly, the homemade bread seemed dry to both of us.

The service was fine up until the end. After we finished our meal our waitress forgot about us. After waiting for another agonizing 10 minutes, I brought the check up to the front myself.  Please don't let this happen again or to anyone else.

So there you have it. Although they have some areas for improvement, I recommend The Newell Post - a new breakfast joint that is worth a visit.