Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Take a $2 gamble on a Chessters ice cream cookie sandwich

Most people plunk down $2 on a Powerball ticket on a chance at winning millions of dollars as visions of fancy cars, boats, and vacations race through their heads. I certainly wouldn’t say no to my share of the jackpot but I feel like a winner when I spend my $2 on a Chessters ice cream cookie sandwich that are made by Rhino Foods in Burlington, Vermont. The name is a bit misleading since it is actually frozen vanilla custard between two chocolate chip cookies.

Some 20 odd years ago I recall the time I tried one of these frozen creations when I stopped at a convenience store located along my ride home from work. I'm not sure what prompted me to buy a cookie sandwich but I did and it was heaven. I continued to buy them from this store and then stopped for a while. So one day I'm driving with my wife on that same road and was crushed when rounding the corner I realized that the store had gone out of business. Some sad moments passed and my wife may or may not have passed me a tissue and all I could think was what am I going to now?

Fast forward several years as my wife and I were on our way through Vermont to visit Montreal and very close to the Canadian border I had a great idea to stop at a convenience store off the highway to see if they carried my ice cream cookie sandwich. As she often does, she gave me “the look” as I sprinted out of the car and into the store. Alas, I was reunited with my little piece of heaven.

I know that I often write about ice cream but this is something the world needs to know about and try for themselves. Although they are readily available in Vermont at convenience stores, I had no idea where to get them around Concord, New Hampshire or if we would need to travel to Vermont so I emailed corporate. They sent back and to my pleasant surprise there was a store in the area that carried them, River Hill Market on Carter Hill Road in Concord.

I'm driving over thinking, I wonder if these will be a good as I remember and will they even have any in stock. There they are in the freezer in all their glory. Seeing the price of only $2, I instantly decide that this must be the greatest food bargain in history.

One thing I know is that these are best when they are not frozen solid but a little soft. Usually when I buy them I wait for at least 10 minutes and believe me when I tell you this takes all of my will power but is definitely worth it.

Perfect, smooth, creamy and just the right amount of Vanilla. You are just going to have to take my word on this one and try a Chessters ice cream cookie sandwich. Visit your local convenience store to find out if they carry them and if not ask them to please start.