Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Hampshire Restaurant Inspection Reports

New Hampshire as well as other states have processes in place to help ensure that restaurants are clean and held to standards that we all expect from a dining establishment. Health inspectors make unannounced visits to these businesses to ensure that safety regulations are followed and to help educate on proper sanitary techniques.
The majority of restaurants you visit are inspected by the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services which is outlined on their website. They had provided a report that gave the results of their inspections throughout New Hampshire but, sadly, this report has been down since September 20th with no estimated time when it would be available again. Once their report is back online you will be able to view the results for your location. The balance of inspections are the responsibility of 15 self inspecting towns. It is interesting to note that there are a number of larger cities that are self inspecting including Portsmouth, Nashua and Concord. Because of this there is a significant amount of information that is not easily available to the public.

{Editors Note on 11/16/17:  The state has a new online portal making the above referenced report information available again}

Therefore, earlier this year, we decided to contact the self inspecting towns where data was not available online in an attempt to provide the public with easier access. The good news is that we did hear back from everyone. What we found is that there are large differences in how each town provides this information. For some, they use paper and copies are available at their office or by mail while others are working towards making this data more readily available electronically. There are also resource issues and a few are ahead of the curve and already provide access online.

Below you will find a list of the self inspecting towns. When the data is accessible electronically, updates will be provided either by email or on the NH Restaurant Reviews facebook page. If you would like to be notified please visit and like us on our fan page.

  1. Bedford - Email updates available. Please send an email to nhrestreviews@gmail.com for the latest report
  2. Berlin - Waiting to hear back on availability
  3. Claremont - Working on report and hope to have available
  4. Concord - Unavailable at this time
  5. Derry - Email updates available. Please send an email to nhrestreviews@gmail.com for the latest report.
  6. Dover - Waiting to hear back on availability
  7. Exeter - Unavailable at this time
  8. Keene - Was available on their website but is now listed under construction {11/16/17}
  9. Manchester - Available on their website
  10. Merrimack - Unavailable at this time
  11. Nashua - Unavailable at this time
  12. Plaistow - Waiting to hear back on availability
  13. Portsmouth - Unavailable at this time
  14. Rochester - Unavailable at this time
  15. Salem - Updates available when they have time.
Please be careful about making any assumptions about restaurants listed in these reports without first understanding the food inspection regulations for that particular town and the context to which a violation may have been given. If you have any questions please contact the health inspector for the town.