Sunday, March 25, 2018

Town Tavern Has Replaced Valentino’s In Hudson

Valentino’s in Hudson is gone and has been replaced by the Town Tavern. This just happened last Tuesday and here is our understanding of the situation.

First, it is important to note that there were two Valentino’s locations with different owners, one on Lowell Road and the other a market under the same name in Nashua on Dunstable Road. This was indicated as a reason given for changing the name to avoid confusion between the two.

Town Tavern is starting out with a temporary menu to include the most popular items from the old restaurant along with some new ones while working on revamped summer offerings. The meatball sub, for example, one of my favorites from Valentino's a is still available. 

Valentino’s (Hudson) was a mixed bag of experiences for their customers with many who loved the charm especially after they first opened, under the original owners, NH Reviews among them. More recently, however, they seemed to have lost their way. Finding one meatball in my Italian wedding soup on our last visit, that previously contained several made me wonder.

The Valentino’s in Nashua remains and they are planning some changes as well. The menu and interior are expecting to be refreshed and a liquor license is also in the works. Additionally, table service is under consideration where order at the counter has been the only option in the past.

The restaurants are trying to reinvent themselves to provide an improved guest experience and hopefully a more profitable one for themselves. Best wishes and success to both.

Town Tavern
142 Lowell Road
Hudson,  NH  03051

(603) 889-9900

You can find the new menu on their website:

Valentino's Italian Cafe, Pizzeria, and Bakery
383 East Dunstable Road
Nashua, NH 03062

(603) 888-7400