Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Avoid these mistakes to be a better guest at a restaurant

You may remember back in December of last year when I wrote about my top 10 pet peeves while dining out. To be fair, it seems that we should take a look at some annoying things that customers do at restaurants. I am sure if you were to ask a waiter or waitress they probably have their own stories to tell. Take a few minutes to look over the list below list to see if you are one of the offenders.

  1. There is a table of 20 people at a restaurant and it is time to pay the bill. The server delivers the check and one of the customers tells them that everyone is paying individually. Their heart sinks as they realize the time consuming task ahead to process all the credit cards. Whoever organized the event should be the one to figure out how this will be handled beforehand.
  2. One of my waiter friends had just finished up a meal for a large group at a high end restaurant in a major US city. He had done everything right and provided great service. The total tip for all of his hard work was only 10 percent. He ran out the door and caught up with the host of the party. What did I do wrong, he asked? Nothing, he said. My friend gave the money back and told him to keep it since he needed it more than my friend. If a server provides you with decent service cough up the money for a good tip.
  3. We arrived at one of our favorite breakfast places and started eating our meal. Suddenly we hear a crying baby. This continued for 10 minutes and I'm thinking like everyone else in the restaurant that the parents would take the baby out but this did not happen. I like babies like everyone else but if they are screaming or crying please take them out until the crying stops.
  4. A family is enjoying a meal at a table next to us and they pay the bill and leave. We look under the table and there is food everywhere. If you make a mess this bad you should clean it up or at the very least leave an extremely large tip.
  5. My wife and I arrive at our favorite restaurant. We are walking and a man is moving quickly towards the door at the same time. I suddenly realize that he is racing and practically running so he can beat my wife and get in line for breakfast first. Whatever happened to courtesy?
  6. We are enjoying a nice meal and relaxing. Someone at the table next to us gets a phone call and continues to talk and talk. I love tech gadgets like everyone else but don't talk on your phone in a restaurant. If you absolutely must take a call, go outside.
  7. Seated next to the door at a busy restaurant, I begin to feel claustraphobic. There are many people waiting and they are way too close to our table. One person is practically in my wife’s lap! Please be aware of your surroundings and don't get too close to those who are trying to enjoy their meals.
  8. Talking so loudly that it seems that another table is having a conversation with your table as well as their own. Personally I need to do better myself on this one or so my wife tells me.
  9. Not canceling a reservation in a timely manner. If you make a reservation at a restaurant and something changes please don't blow it off. Call the restaurant and let them know that your plans have changed. They will appreciate it and can give the table to another guest.
  10. Chewing or slurping on gum so loudly that it bothers nearby guests.
What are some of the most annoying things you have seen other guests at restaurants do?