Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 10 pet peeves while dining out

Tis that time of year when there seems to be a top 10 list for everything from the past year. While the list compiled below isn’t necessarily restricted to experiences from 2013, I thought it might be interesting to see if our readers have had the same issues when dining at a restaurant.

I understand that being a waiter or waitress is an incredibly tough job but there are some things that servers can avoid in order to make their customers feel appreciated. With that in mind, these are our top 10 pet peeves.
  1. When a server approaches the table and says “What can I get you guys today?” That is fine if I am dining with another man but please don’t say that when my wife is present.
  2. Do you want a box? The assumption here is that we don't want the server to box the meal. Worse yet is when we ask for our leftovers to be boxed and the server completely ignoring the request and then throws the box on the table.
  3. Asking if we want dessert when one of us is still clearly not done eating. Please make sure everyone is through before asking this question.
  4. Acting rudely during the entire meal and then acting like your best friend when dropping off the check or as I call it tip time.
  5. Not telling you that drink refills (or anything else that you expect to be free) are not complimentary.
  6. Talking nonstop in the background with another server or anyone else while their customers wait.
  7. You get the bill and plunk your credit card down to be paid and it sits there forever. The server never brings it up to be paid. I’d love to shout “hello, you do know that I pay the tip, right?”
  8. Never telling you what the specials are or better yet hearing them telling the table right next to you AFTER you have ordered.
  9. Not knowing the menu when I ask what you recommend. Do you not work here? There is no excuse to not have an opinion. Alternately, suggesting the most expensive item on the menu just to boost their tip knowing full well that the entree is mediocre.
  10. All of a sudden your server disappears, never checking on your meal or if you need anything.
What are some of your dining out pet peeves?