Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Everyday Café & Pub in Contoocook

Heading to Vermont on a recent Sunday morning we were driving up Route 89 trying to figure out where to go for breakfast. Nearing Contoocook I thought this might be a good time to visit the Everyday Café & Pub located in Contoocook Village off exit 6. Since I’m from this area, we’ve driven by the café on several occasions and have been meaning to try it.

Like any other restaurant on my first visit I try to get my bearings of the place and sometimes it can take a few minutes. Here I wasn't sure if they did table service or just take out but much to my delight they do both as a waitress stopped by so we could put in our drink order.

Looking around you will find art for sale throughout and the pictures on the walls give them a quirky feel that seemed to be a good fit. They have a very busy take out business and there is a small cluster of tables for those who want to eat in. It is also interesting to note that the restaurant opens at 6:03 every morning which I understand is a salute to the New Hampshire 603 area code.

The menu has the typical breakfast and lunch items. You will find omelets, French toast, pancakes and quiche along with salads, soups, sandwiches burgers and fresh baked goods. They try to use local and natural products as much as possible in their food items. There are wine and beer options for those looking for an adult beverage.

I started out with a breakfast burrito:

This was packed with eggs, bacon, cheese and home fries and served with salsa and sour cream on the side.

My wife ordered the Italian with home fries.

The Italian is a fried egg, roasted tomatoes, garlic, and provolone cheese served on a grilled croissant. It was very good and quite garlicky!

My wife and I enjoyed our visit to the Everyday Café & Pub. They have taken a restaurant and made it their own in simple ways that remind me fondly of my days in Contoocook.