Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Try Market Basket Donuts

With the new Market Basket documentary set to be released in mid-April it got me thinking about the company. Long ago my wife mentioned that she was at an event where they served donuts from Market Basket and that they were surprisingly delicious. I thought you might like to hear about their sweet treats. Her take was that there would be of very little interest in this post and that it would turn out to be a yawner. Please help us figure out who was right by liking the post on Facebook or commenting below.

On a recent lazy Sunday morning, I finally decided to try Market Basket donuts. We do not shop at the store so it took me a few minutes of walking around aimlessly when I finally spotted them in the bakery in the back. Before me stood a serve yourself display and I took my place in line. My wife had asked for one of their chocolate frosted and my heart sank as my eyes noticed that there was one left but luck was on my side and no one else grabbed the lone one. After looking over the options, I also picked up a chocolate, Boston cream and a maple frosted. There are many choices to choose from:

You could tell that they were baked fresh. These tasted so much better than those you might get at some coffee shops where stale donuts are the norm.

In our family we can spot a great bakery from a million miles away and there are so many around every corner. One thing is a definite and that is the goodies have to be made that day, not the day before or last week and if this doesn't happen we won't become a customer. They just don't taste as good compared to those that take the time to make them every day and to us there are no excuses.
Who would have thought that Market Basket would have donuts that are freshly made and delicious? I had no idea and now that my mouth has sampled them determined that you are going to be pleasantly surprised when you try one or more. Hope to see you in the donut line soon!