Tuesday, April 5, 2016

You will get a kick out of Shira Kiku

Shira Kiku is a small Japanese and Korean restaurant in Nashua that has a fun lively feel that makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. From the give and take banter with the waitresses to the odd decor and the healthy foods they give their all and it works for them and their customers. The menu is large and everyone can find something that will please their palates.

The parking area is a bit small but you can park along the road if the lot is full. Upon entry, you see a bar with a few seats right in the front and the dining area to the left has 4 booths along with a sushi bar and some tables. Basically just a big room that had been turned into a restaurant.

My wife started with a mai tai and the waitress promised that it would be strong and she certainly delivered! She noticed that many other diners had also ordered the same drink so she knew that it must be a favorite.
Our food choice for the evening focused on their Korean cuisine. Our starter was the vegetable dumplings.

Fried and lightly coated these had a crunchy exterior that contrasted nicely with the soft vegetables inside. This was complemented by a sesame dipping sauce. Delicious!
Because we both ordered Korean dishes, our waitress brought out an assortment of cold vegetables including kim chi, bean sprouts, black bean, cucumbers, spicy and non-spicy radish and broccoli.

We are used to warm veggies but enjoyed these none the less. Pickles are a favorite so the cucumbers were a big hit. The black beans had a beautiful nutty flavor and my wife had a good laugh watching me try to pick them up with chop sticks.
My entree was the stone pot with beef.

This is an extremely popular dish that several others around us had ordered as well. Vegetables and an egg are combined with the meat and rice in a sizzling pot making for a delicious combination. The secret is the rice solidifies on the bottom giving it a wonderful brown crisp. Eaten with a spicy sauce I would recommend that you try this entree. As an added bonus this was served with a miso soup that had a smooth flavor.
My wife had the bulgogi.

Thin slices of beef cooked in a light sauce and served with white rice. She’s had bulgogi before and this version was good.
In speaking with our waitress, we found out that she was the daughter-in-law of the owners and she was helping out because they were on vacation. She was very nice all the while letting her sarcastic sense of humor that shine through. The staff works well together and did their best on a busy evening.
Not knowing what to expect at Shira Kiku we found a pleasant surprise. Delicious healthy food served with a smile in a friendly and welcoming environment. We look forward to our next visit!