Thursday, February 9, 2017

Kamen and Provencher winning team at The Foundry

With an owner known for his amazing inventions and medical devices which revolutionized aspects of the health care industry, Dean Kamen doesn’t seem to be a restaurateur but he decided to jump into the fray back in 2015 with The Foundry in Manchester.

Never having taken a ride on a Segway or using any of Kamen's other creations, I can only speak for what I know, the restaurant business. Not having a lot of experience in food service isn't going to matter to his customers as long as his team can deliver. Kamen had to find a Chef who could handle the daily operations and for that his choice was Matt Provencher, formerly of Richard’s Bistro.

On our visit, we noticed how well the decor fit in nicely with the surrounding mill buildings giving off an industrial feeling throughout. Long large silver pipes are seen snaking around along the ceiling. Exposed brick surrounds you and the dim lighting gives off a friendly warm vibe.

The menu is farm to table which is the way of the restaurant world these days and what customers want. Local fresh products are used to give your taste buds a healthy enjoyable experience. Our journey begins with the lowly brussel sprout an appetizer brought to life by Provencher and his kitchen. Covered in a sweet glaze and looking more like a beautiful green flower with pistachios complementing the softer vegetable.

My wife, on the other hand, opted for a different starter and her choice was the beet salad. Chopped beets and cashews were mixed throughout the arugula. She commented that it was very good and eagerly awaited the meal.

Seared salmon is made more than just another dish where there is no doubt that careful thought was put into the components. Tiny pieces of gnocchi melt in your mouth going beautifully with the fish. Sliced buttered carrots complete a wonderful entree.

Scallops can either be prepared very well or a complete miss. Luckily for my wife they were delicious. Set atop a layer of potato puree with onions and a black truffle sauce, the flavor combination made every bite memorable.

When presented with the dessert menu, we were extremely pleased to learn that the restaurant has not one but two pastry chefs and the selections are all made in house. Their cake option changes daily and it was a chocolate peanut butter on the day of our visit. Without hesitation, we ordered a piece to split and very happy with our choice. Neither the peanut butter nor the chocolate were overpowering and it was the perfect combination and way to end our meal.

The service was shown to be just as important to the Chef as the food. The first impression on the wait staff can’t be understated and our waitress was wonderful. Her suggestions were spot on.

Dean Kamen’s first foray into the restaurant world at The Foundry appears to be a success. He made a smart choice working with Matt Provencher and makes us wonder if they may have any other plans up their sleeves.

50 Commercial Street
Manchester,  NH  03101

Phone (603)836-1925 for call ahead seating.