Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Eat Cake for breakfast best new food trend

Every year we take a look at new food trends to determine if any might be of interest to our readers. The advertising organization Sterling-Rice Group publishes a top 10 list and I am always interested to get their take on what changes are expected. Our favorite for 2017 is eating cake for breakfast.

Let's face it breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not start with something sweet? For my wife this is not anything new and she was particularly surprised to see that it was a trend considering she’s indulges whenever we have leftover cake. You might be wondering where you should go to get something that is worthy of your early start to the day.

You need to look no further than Frederick's Pastries a local icon for all baked goods. A long favorite of my wife's family and I can’t even begin to think about the number of special occasion cakes that were purchased from them over the years but I’m sure they have helped make the bakery quite profitable! The family favorite is the white almond pound cake with butter cream frosting.

Then there is the Black Forest Cafe in Amherst where there’s no shortage of sweets. If you like coconut, you must try their coconut cake which is absolutely delicious. With two sizes available for purchase, make sure you get a large one so there is plenty available for your early morning start.

Another great option is Cakes for Occasions, a bakery near where we got married in Massachusetts. The cake tasting was amazing as we were served a platter with eight or so hunks of different flavors of cake. We decided to do a three tier cake which included carrot cake, vanilla cake with strawberry mousse, and the opera cake (chocolate cake brushed with espresso filled with ganache and covered in mocha buttercream).

Let's all jump on the bandwagon and get this cake for breakfast trend really moving. We are looking forward to hearing back and hope this gets your day off to a great (and sweet) start.

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