Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Backyard Brewery and Kitchen coming to Manchester

Attention all you beer lovers! A new brewery is opening in Manchester called the Backyard Brewery and Kitchen. The timing depends on how their construction progresses but is estimated for later this spring or summer.

Located on South Mammoth Road (between Manchester & Londonderry) we had to do a double take and turn around when we drove by thinking that the Yard Restaurant might be out of business. But such was not the case, the new spot is under development in the rear of the building in what I believe was their function center.


1211 South Mammoth Road
Manchester, NH 03103


You can find a lot more information on their Facebook page where they are updating frequently with status and pictures.


  1. ATTN: Daniel Plourde, General Manager:
    Highly disappointed in the menu changes. Ridiculously abbreviated & limited.
    I can get a manhattan or martini for nearly twice the size at the Backroom for less.
    Staff is unknowledgeable on what's happening.
    Seems to be catering to younger generation despite 50% of bar parrons on a Thurs night after 7pm were baby boomers. Not feeling optimistic about the Backyard Brewery being our go-to eatery anymore.

  2. The Yard has been ruined and replaced by an establishment geared towards drunk people that could careless about the food they are eating or how much money they are spending.