Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Enough to like at Smoke Shack Southern BBQ

On Route 3 between Concord and Tilton, you will find the Smoke Shack Southern BBQ. Housed in a small red building, this restaurant that has been around for a long time and seems to have a local following. We decided to take a ride one recent afternoon and knowing the Smoke Shack was ahead the timing was right to finally find out what they have to offer.

Upon entering, there is definitely a strange vibe to the place with a hanging flying pig dropping down from the ceiling. To the left is the take out window and a dining area in front of us but I wasn't  sure if Smoke Shack had table service available which they did.  A waitress came by and asked if we would like to be seated and that was our preference.

My wife noticed that hush puppies were on the menu so we started with those.

Steaming hot and served with maple butter these were amazing. They had a dark brown outer covering with a soft cornmeal interior. The best part of our meal today you should definitely place an order.

We then needed to make some decisions about dinner. My wife and I are partial to smoked meats so that was our choice. I selected the pulled pork.

Unfortunately the pork was dried out but made better when covered with a sweet BBQ sauce. I opted for two sides: mac and cheese and potato salad and they were good choices. Corn bread came with the meal and sadly was also too dry.

My wife chose the beef brisket for her dinner as well as a side of mac and cheese and onion rings.

A large plate arrived and the minute she took a bite I knew there was a problem. Apparently, the brisket was too fatty for her. When the waitress stopped to check on us, we told her about the issue. In a matter of minutes, she reappeared with a new plate of brisket which was a much leaner cut. Overall, the flavor was decent.

The restaurant also serves ice cream, fried seafood and burgers including the Inferno. If you can eat this one pound burger made with hot peppers and a big order of Cajun fries in 20 minutes or less you get your name on their Wall of Fame.

Our waitress was nice and did her best to ensure that we had a pleasant experience.

The Smoke Shack BBQ does have some areas for improvement and enough to like for our readers.


146 King Street
Boscawen, NH 03303

Phone: 603-796-2046