Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Puerto Vallarta planning to open Nuevo Vallarta in Manchester

The details on this one are sketchy at the moment but it is our understanding that Puerto Vallarta, the Mexican restaurant on Second Street in Manchester is planning another dining establishment right down the road from the first. To be named Nuevo Vallarta, they hope to open sometime early in August.

The restaurant will still focus on Mexican food but is going to be different with breakfast served seven days a week. Hopefully their luck is better than Matty's Pub and Ipswich Clambake who attempted and failed in the past at this location.

We had a positive experience at Puerto Vallarta back in 2015 and given that they have one successful restaurant maybe they can pull off another. This does seem a bit strange having two so close but there are advantages especially the ease of managing operations. And others have used a similar model with a positive outcome. You only need to look at the Ignite/Hooked combo on Hanover Street that appears to be working for them.

Nuevo Vallarta

791 Second Street
Manchester, NH 03102

Puerto Vallarta

865 Second Street
Manchester, NH 03102

Phone 603-935-9182