Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Restoration Proposed In Hooksett At Old Prescott Tavern Site

At the most recent planning board meeting in Hooksett,  there was a   proposal to restore the old Prescott Tavern to its former glory in the form of a new tavern/restaurant.

The presentation was a conceptual idea with more specific details if a project moves forward.   In the plans, the main house is relocated onto a new foundation and restored to the original Prescott Tavern with 3 stories. A barn with 2 stories and a basement would be added to allow for more restaurant seating and events such as weddings.   In size,  the thought was at least 200 seats and 95 parking spaces with comparisons to the Common Man in Concord.

The site has 750 feet of frontage along the Merrimack with possible riverfront activities and beautiful views of the river.   They see some type of a tiki bar with a scenic overlook and 20 to 30 seats.  

The house was built in 1794 and functioned as a dining establishment under the name Prescott Tavern.  Despite its advanced age, the original frame is in excellent condition.

Now, we wait to find out which developer might grab the project and run with it.  If that happens, Hooksett residents will have a new restaurant at 487 West River Road.