Monday, September 16, 2019

Poor Pierres Restaurant In Nashua Is For Sale

For any fans of Poor Pierres in Nashua,  the restaurant is for sale.

As many of you know, NH Reviews is frequently in the Nashua area and try to keep an eye out for anything that might be of interest.   We have driven by Poor Pierres at 303 Main Street several times and have never seen any cars there, was something going on?

First and most important, they are open for business.  The dining establishment is closed on Sundays when we are typically in town and the reason no one was there.  Additionally,  they start service very early in the morning and close early afternoon so nothing is happening here later in the day.

But there is a bit more to the story.   After searching online we noticed that the property was up for sale.  There were several listings with an offer price of $434,900 that included the equipment,  land, and building.

Want to buy the restaurant?  It may already be too late.  When NH Reviews called them, in addition to confirming that the dining establishment is for sale, we were told that they already had a bunch of potential prospects on site.