Monday, October 1, 2012

Decent breakfast haunt Maddie's in Salem, New Hampshire should consider expansion

One of the ways we determine if a restaurant is good is to look to see if people are waiting to be seated. If it is mobbed the thought is that it must be good and so it is with Maddie's Bagel & Eatery. Every time we visit Maddie's it is that busy but I have to tell you that the wait is becoming too long even for their decent breakfast.

As we drove into the parking lot and saw the crowd outside we knew it would be awhile. My wife checked in with the owner who was playing hostess and was told that it would probably be about 40 minutes. I really like Maddie's but this is pushing our limit for breakfast. Should we stay or not, hmmmm......okay, fine, we will wait.

In the mean time, they provide if requested, a mug so you can enjoy a cup of coffee. I sampled some of their Durango Dark Roast from Java Tree which had a nice strong flavor. While waiting for our table, we noticed a sign that informed guests that the restaurant has stopped serving lunch on Saturdays so they can focus on breakfast.

During our long wait, my wife made an observation -- that there were people seated ahead of us who were not even waiting when we got there. When my wife said something out loud, a women sitting next to her said that the same thing has happened to her on more than one occasion and that she did complain. The owner's need to make sure that guests are seated in the order in which they arrive at the restaurant.

On a positive note and I think you will agree if you decide to check out Maddie's, they do serve up a good breakfast. This includes pancakes and a variety of omelets, Benedict's and scramblers.

We went simple on this day, I had a couple of eggs over medium with their home fries, sausages and dark white toast. All were nicely prepared, however, I was not fond of the sausages. They lacked a strong flavor and their skin was not crispy.

My wife, on the other hand, decided on an omelet with hash and hollandaise with the home fries and her selection of sourdough toast. She was pleased with her meal:

Our waitress was pleasant and nice.

So there you have it, I recommend Maddie's for their decent breakfast. They may want to consider an expansion or look at other options to reduce the long wait for their customers.
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