Thursday, September 20, 2012

Restaurant Review, Caffé ll Cipresso, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, quality Italian food over the border

Just over the border from Nashua, in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, sits an Italian restaurant that you may have never heard of and wish you had -- Caffé ll Cipresso. It has been awhile since we last visited and we are pleased to report that the food is just as good as we remember.

This establishment is located in a small strip mall along Middlesex Road and if you aren't careful, it is easy to miss the turn into the parking lot. There is nothing particularly flashy about the place -- the décor is minimal. They have a small dining room with a few tables and several booths as well as a bar downstairs for those who want to partake in an adult beverage.

The menu includes items that you typically find at an Italian restaurant. If you were to ask the wait staff what the restaurant is known for, they no doubt would say their homemade ravioli. In fact, one of our favorite dishes at Caffé ll Cipresso is the seafood ravioli. If you're not a seafood person, don't worry. They also have many additional options such as cheese, autumn harvest and florentine. Once you pick your favorite ravioli then you can select a sauce. There is meat, alfredo, gorgonzola and carbonara to name a few. Whatever you decide make sure you think about the combination to ensure that it will taste good. For example, on one visit I tried the florentine ravioli with the marinara saucee, it just didn't work together.

To begin, our waitress brought over some of their fresh Italian bread along with olive oil for dipping. This was sliced into small pieces and tasted like it was fresh right out of the oven.

We love their arancini and chose those as an appetizer. It was six medium sized with a crunchy outer layer, a cheese and rice filling served with marinara sauce. We both enjoyed these, my wife loved them and I liked them. For me, they would have been perfect if they had meat inside which I prefer.

For dinner, I went with the chicken broccoli pene and my wife the seafood ravioli. My entree was delicious with fresh broccoli, tender chicken all in a light lemon, garlic sauce. The ravioli as shown below was fabulous. She chose their gorgonzola sauce and this was a great complement to the seafood, light and creamy. These are filled with lobster, scallops and shrimp. This is a heavy meal so you either have to be really hungry to eat them all or know that you will be going home with plenty of leftovers after the meal.

Our waitress did a great job, pleasant and professional.

I am recommending that you try Caffé ll Cipresso, quality Italian food in a relaxed environment. A short drive from the Nashua area, check them out when you have a chance.
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