Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I've got an inkling you're going to like breakfast at the Schoolhouse Café in Warner

My wife and I took a drive recently to the tiny town of Warner via the back roads through Hopkinton and Contoocook. Because it was still fairly early in the morning, we decided to stop for breakfast at the Schoolhouse Café.

This was the first visit for both of us so we didn’t know what to expect. As you can see, you enter through the front door and into a small dining/waiting area on the left.

We were immediately greeted and the hostess (I assume owner as well) couldn’t have been nicer. The dining room is tiny – there are five seats at the counter and approximately six tables. Right now they have a Christmas tree up whose ornaments are that of people’s pets. They are also collecting items such as cat and dog food, liter, disinfecting wipes, etc which will be donated to the Concord SPCA.

It took a few minutes to be seated and we had a couple of minutes to wait before our waitress came over. My wife ordered the eggs, hash & toast breakfast. The hash must be homemade as the corned beef was shaved and not like the stuff out of the can. She also selected their homemade biscuit as her toast and it was delicious. It didn’t hurt that she received some fabulous tasting jelly to go with it either!

I ordered the breakfast burrito which allows the customer to add three “inklings” (their word not mine). This time bacon, broccoli and onions were chosen and it was a success.

A word of warning – the restaurant only takes cash which is stated on the menu. Luckily, they have a small ATM inside in case you and your dining companions can’t scrounge up enough money to pay the bill. The waitress was very nice and did a great job responding to all the customer needs.

So there you have it, we think you will like the inklings at the Schoolhouse Cafe and suggest you head to Warner to give them a try.

Because the holiday season is upon us, we decided to check out some of the small businesses in the area. We drove back to Contoocook and made stops at the Calico Hen, Marklin, and Polkadots. Each store is very different from the next but they all have some wonderful gifts for everyone on your holiday lists.