Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Visit funky & cool Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt in Exeter

About a year or so ago, we stumbled on a new frozen yogurt establishment in Newburyport, MA called Orange Leaf. At that time there were only a few locations opened or planned to open in New England. It’s amazing how quickly that changed over the last year. This chain is rapidly growing. Everywhere we go there seems to be a new shop opening up so we had to find out what all the excitement was about.

It may be cold outside where you are but there is no doubt that their treats are great anytime of year. We headed out to one of their new stores to the small town of Exeter, New Hampshire.

You begin by selecting a container and fill it with your favorite yogurt flavor.

Here is a close look at a machine:

After filling the cup (I chose a wildly adventurous flavor - vanilla), you proceed to the sundae bar that includes just about any topping you could think of to put on the yogurt. You will find fresh fruit, candy, nuts, etc. You pay by the ounce so you can fill it as full as you wish.

My selections were cookie dough pieces, nuts, mini peanut butter cups and butterscotch sauce.

My wife chose the chocolate yogurt which she topped with hot fudge, carmel cups, strawberries, nuts, and coconut.

You will find orange on everything including the chairs.

There is no shortage of locations across the United States. They currently have 217 stores and another 108 on the horizon. New Hampshire has two, the one in Exeter with another in Portsmouth and opening soon in Merrimack, Epping and Hampton. For those of you elsewhere in New England, they have locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island with a store opening soon in Vermont.

Not to worry if there isn't one near you yet as it probably won't be long before there is an Orange Leaf in your neighborhood.