Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No es buneo at El Jimador in Manchester

No es buneo at El Jimador in Manchester

Because Cinco de Mayo was upon us, the husband and I decided to visit a new Mexican restaurant in Manchester – El Jimador. It has been tough trying to find really good Mexican food in New Hampshire so I was super excited to check out this establishment. Next time I won’t have such high expectations.

Located in a small strip mall on South Willow Street, there is ample parking. The outside of the restaurant looks small but it’s actually pretty good size once you enter. There are several tables and booths inside as well as a small bar in the back.

We were seated and decided to partake in some margaritas which were good.

It took a while to decide on our entrees and we finally settled on the pollo yucatán and burrito deluxe. As our meals arrived, I noted that mine, the pollo yucatán was missing sour cream and flour tortillas.

When I questioned the waitress she told me that I was wrong but I could buy a side of tortillas. No thanks. By the way, on the way home I looked up the menu on my phone and I was correct. Perhaps the waitress should be given a test on how well (or not) she knows the menu.

My husband cleaned his plate of the burrito's which is typical behavior for him. These were okay but not what he expected. Small and bland, he has had better.

Since I rarely finish a meal, I wanted to take my leftovers home. We told the waitress that we were ready for the check and I also asked her to box up my food. She then proceeded to bring a box over and threw it on the table. Yeah, that was the final straw for me.

Sadly, I cannot recommend the restaurant. While the food was ok, I cannot support poor service nor do I want anyone else to have this same experience.