Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fun with Technology at T-Bones in Hudson

T-Bones is a restaurant we have visited many times over the years. The food is decent and my in-law’s really seem to like it so we end up often going to their Hudson location. I have been meaning to do a review for a while and when we stopped in recently I finally got the chance.

One thing that seems to be a constant is that they are always busy and there is usually a wait. This doesn't bother me here as they have a neat tech gadget that not only tells you when your table is ready but also provides you with games and other great stuff. This certainly helps pass the time and I can't remember seeing this technology at any other restaurants so kudos to T-Bones.

A view of the screen:

The restaurant is large with many booths along the sides and some tables. This is a family place with a basic decor and a mix of dark wood and hunter green tones that work together nicely to give the restaurant a comfy feel.

As we looked over the plentiful menu that has almost everything you could ask for including soups, salads, steaks, seafood and low fat options. There is no shortage of comfort foods with favorites such as chicken pot pie, turkey dinner and fried clams.

After a short deliberation we selected the Espinachos as our appetizer.

Unfortunately we had to send these back because the cheese sauce was lukewarm. To their credit this was taken care of quickly and the replacement was very good.

Then we received their breadbasket:

With a slight sweet wheat taste and a delicious salty covering, this is one of our favorite parts of visiting T-Bones.

On dinner my selection was the prime rib meatloaf.

With whipped potatoes, sliced carrots and gravy I was pleased with my choice.

My wife went with the baked-stuffed haddock.

This was okay, she thought the fish portion was small for almost $16 dollars.

Our server did a good job.

So there you have it, T-Bones is a decent option for the food, service and technology. Don't forget to check out their other locations in Derry, Bedford, Laconia and Salem.
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