Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Food and travel gifts for the holidays

Can you believe that Christmas is only five weeks away?! Well, if you are like me, you are probably wondering what you are going to get that special someone who loves travel and food. We have a few suggestions below that you might want to consider:

  1. Back when I was in cooking school in my class "The Meat We Eat" my professor always recommended a sharp knife. With that in mind how about a knife or knife set from J.A. Henckels? One of the first knifes I ever bought was a J.A. Henckels and I still have to this day.
  2. Several years ago my wife said that she had to have a Kitchenaid Mixer and who am I to say no to my wife? So I bought her one and it really should be a staple for any kitchen.
  3. There is nothing like a good navigation system and the first one my wife ever got me was from TomTom. It got us out of a lot of tough situations and my wife often jokes (I think) that it saved our marriage on more than one occasion. If that special someone is like me and won't ask for directions, buy one now!
  4. If you know anyone who is thinking about or visiting Maui, Hawaii then Maui Revealed is an ideal gift. The author does a nice job of discovering the attractions/restaurants that only people from the area would know.
  5. My wife loves her Nikon Camera and it takes wonderful pictures on road trips.
  6. Nothing like a great cup of coffee in the morning, just push a button and you get fresh coffee with your Keurig.
  7. How about TUMI luggage for that frequent traveler?
  8. Some bestsellers in Kitchen and Dining.
  9. More bestsellers for Travel.
  10. And finally a few popular Gourmet Gift ideas.
We hope this helps all you would be travelers and food fanatics with your shopping lists.
Happy Holidays everyone!