Tuesday, September 25, 2018

1750 Taphouse Gets Grade of C

You may remember back in May of this year when we announced that the 1750 Taphouse was opening in Bedford.  Months have since past and NH Reviews was excited for our first visit.

Before going into any details,  you should know there is a major construction project that starts near the intersection of route 114 and 101 and continued as we drove west on our way to the restaurant.  On a Friday, traffic was backed up and slow throughout so be careful.  

There is no buffer at the entrance to 1750.  You walk right in and everything is in front of you.  A high noise level fills the air and a large bar is the main focal point with plenty of big screen TV’s to watch sporting events.  The atmosphere is rustic and all wood.  A pizza station is located to the right with 4 employees working like crazy as they were extremely busy.  The seating area near here seemed a little quieter if that is your preference. 

After checking in there was a short wait for a booth and we hung out in the bar.  The staff here was friendly and gracious.  Fitting in with their taphouse theme, an extensive list of beers is available.  

Delving into the food, the fried pickles began our journey.   These were decent after dunking in a ranch dipping sauce although the beer batter kept falling off the thin strips.  Next was the best part of the meal. Drawing from the owners seafood roots, he smartly added a hot buttered lobster roll to the menu that was loaded with meat and highly recommended.  At the same time we ordered The Bedford, a panini stuffed with grilled chicken, tomato, arugula, prosciutto, garlic aioli, and melted brie on focaccia bread.  Sounds good, right?  Unfortunately, this came out barely warm and had to be redone.  On their second try, a crunchy outer layer contrasted nicely with the softer cheese and other ingredients inside.  

Due to the problem with the panini, NH Reviews was offered a free dessert to make up for the issue which was very nice of the restaurant.  We couldn’t really find anything from the list of options but decided to give the mango sorbet a try.  Sadly, this tasted like plain ice and needed a strong flavor of the fruit.  A manager probably should have stopped by our table at some point after the problem initially occurred.

The service level was a step behind throughout the entire meal, there was no snap to anything.  Water glasses were delayed, tables left unclean for too long and no mention of any specials at the beginning. 

On our way out at around 7:45 pm, we were “greeted” by a sewerage truck and the aroma of a freshly pumped septic tank.  Clearly, the restaurant is located in an area that does not offer city sewer.  For obvious reasons this was not the best timing when they are open and especially on a busy night. 
Overall based on our experience we give the 1750 Taphouse a grade of C.   There are definite areas for improvement and some bright spots.  We would probably try a pizza next time as that was one of the most popular menu items. 

170 NH-101 
Bedford, NH  03110