Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: A year in Review

On Christmas Day my sister in-law prepared a wonderful brunch that included baked eggs and stuffed French toast. After gorging myself on all the delicious food she suggested that I do a year in review post. It was the least I could do considering the wonderful meal she had just prepared. So here is a quick overview of the high and low lights from 2013.

Most Liked Post: Wine Ice Cream in New Hampshire: This is not a joke.

My gut told me that this would be a popular post just for the subject alone. I mean, who ever heard of such a thing as wine ice cream. Anyway, it had 40 likes, more than any other post in 2013.

Most Popular Post: El Rodeo Mexican Restaurants expanding into Maine and New Hampshire.

With over 2,000 pageviews I was surprised at how much interest there was in this post about a new Mexican restaurant chain.

Best Restaurant: Over the moon for Moonstones in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

This is our pick for the best restaurant that we visited in 2013. The food, service and atmosphere all combined to make this our favorite and one we plan to visit many times in the future. Some of you may be disappointed that this isn't in New Hampshire but it is only a short drive from the Nashua area.

Best Road Trip Restaurant: Sweet Melissa's Cafe, Sanibel Island, Florida.

As many of you know we travel frequently which leads us to some interesting places and of course the chance to try restaurants in other parts of the country. This year our favorite road trip restaurant was Sweet Melissa's Cafe in Sanibel Island. If you are anyplace near you definitely should check them out.

Our Favorite New Restaurant: 11 Eleven Bistro in Manchester.

This one took us by surprise by how good it was. We went on a whim for our anniversary and are certainly glad that we did.

Post that I wish more people viewed: NH Division of Health Services falls short on public restaurant inspections.

Restaurant inspections are a critical process to food safety and something that I hope more readers will take a look at understanding.

Favorite Food Trend: Our favorite new food Trend: Popcorn.

There have been a number of new food trends including the rapid growth of frozen yogurt chains and Cronuts but we love popcorn and hope the trend continues in 2014.

Worst restaurant experience: No es buneo at El Jimador in Manchester.

This new Mexican restaurant gets our number one slot for worst experience due to poor service.

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!