Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kimball's CAV'ern in Pembroke

Since I love food and sports I am always on the lookout for a decent place to enjoy both. We frequently go to Pembroke for ice cream at Lang's and noticed Kimball's CAV'ern located just down the street. Driving by, we saw several cars in the parking lot and decided to stop in and grab a quick dinner.

Kimball's CAV'ern was nothing like we thought it would be inside and the opposite of a dive bar. It is one large room and they did something smart placing a divider in the middle separating their long bar from the main dining area where we were seated. This makes it ideal for customers who want to enjoy a meal in peace without the commotion on the other side. Don't worry because they have plenty of TV's to watch your favorite sporting event no matter where you sit.

You will find that the menu has many offerings that would make any sports fan cheer. I mean let's face it, we are not looking for healthy options and, although there are a few on the menu, most are perfect for watching a game. Fried stuff galore, pizzas, calzones, burgers along with every sub you could imagine.

We picked the loaded tater tots to begin:

A mess to eat but a perfect example of the type of bar food you can get. Covered in cheese sauce, bacon, and sour cream this was a delicious combination.

My sub choice was the "Vass" Steak n' Cheese.

This was filled with tender chunks of steak, bacon, cheese and chipotle sauce that was requested on the side. I recommend having it toasted in the oven. No complaints here.

My wife had the Padre burger with onion rings.

The cheeseburger comes with lettuce, tomato, onion on grilled white bread. She especially enjoyed this selection because the bread was a nice departure from a heavy bun that most restaurants serve their burgers on.

Our waitress couldn't have been nicer and service much better than we expected. The kitchen rings a bell to let the team know that a dish is ready for pick up to help ensure that the food is hot when delivered to their customers.

This truly is a family sports bar, a place where everyone feels welcome whether you are a local or from out of town. We hope you enjoy your experience at Kimball's CAV'ern.