Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Mile Away in Milford

Because we eat out so much there is bound to be some restaurants that we have visited multiple times. Every now and then I pick one that is deserving of a review and that brings us to The Mile Away in Milford. It seems that this restaurant has been around forever. It sits in a very pretty country setting with an old barn that gives off a New England vibe.

With a Swiss European influence, the food and menu are centered on this origin. They offer a four course meal for one price that includes an appetizer, salad, entree and dessert and is a good value. You will also find such specialty items as rösti which is a Swiss potato dish that is served as a side here.

In addition to a mature crowd and a relaxing atmosphere at The Mile Away, you will find two dining rooms and a couple of fire places that adds to the ambiance. For anyone looking to have them host a special event or wedding, The Mile Away can take care of your needs inside or there is an outdoor tented area that offers a scenic option with beautiful flower gardens.

The interior features dark brown woods:

And marionettes on the walls:

Honestly, my wife and I try to avoid looking at them because they give us the creeps.

We both decided to go with the complete dinner. You can choose to order your main dish separately for a lower price but to us it makes sense to go with the former. While this is a good financial decision, the portions tend to be small so beware if you or someone in your party is very hungry.

Our first course was beef barley soup.

The hearty beef flavor was very good and as you can see there were plenty of vegetables to be found.

Next was the garden salad that was well made:

For my main dish, I chose the beef stroganoff:

It is difficult for me to put my finger on why I didn't love this entree. The meat was tender as were the noodles but the sauce seemed bland. I had this dish elsewhere a few months ago and it was delicious. With that memory in mind, I wanted to see if this version compared and unfortunately it fell short.

My wife had the charbroiled filet mignon which was served with a mushroom cap, caramelized onions and sauce béarnaise.

She enjoyed the flavor of the meat and the sauce was tasty as well. However, the rösti wasn’t good. In our previous visits, the rösti has always been exceptional but on this trip no amount of salt and pepper could help. She said that it tasted as if they completely left out an ingredient.

For dessert I went with the cheesecake:

Truth be told this was very good but too small. Understanding that this is a rich dessert I could have eaten a piece double the size.

My wife got the bread pudding with a caramel sauce.

The service at The Mile Away is always outstanding. From keeping water glasses full to answering questions about the menu it is always top notch.

We found The Mile Away to be a mixed bag. It’s a nice restaurant with excellent service but it could stand a few improvements in making sure the food quality is consistent and decor.