Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SunShui in Bedford

This week brings us to the town of Bedford and the SunShui, an Asian restaurant located in a strip mall on South River Road. They provide both Chinese and Japanese food in a small comfortable environment. Our experience over the years with this type of cuisine has been a mixed bag of frequent poor service and mediocre food but we are always on the lookout for something new. Here is what we found at SunShui.
Friday night seems to be the day for us to eat Chinese food and this past weekend was no exception. We were heading back from the Merrimack Outlets and decided to stop in at SunShui. Upon entering, the owner greeted us with a big smile. We were seated shortly thereafter in one of their booths along the back wall.
Keep in mind that this is a small restaurant, several booths and tables make up the dining room and they also have a bar in what is basically one big room. Lights dangle down from long metal bars brightening the dark black color throughout the restaurant. There is also a private dining area for events.
My wife looked over the drink menu and decided to have one a scorpion bowl for one.

She said that it was quite tasty and pretty strong so she was pleased with her selection.
Next we reviewed the menu and the nice part is that there are options for whatever you are in the mood for: Chinese, Japanese or authentic Chinese. We were hungry for Chinese and so that is the focus of this review.
Our choice was the pu pu platter that included fried chicken wings, chicken fingers and shrimp, boneless pork strips, teriyaki beef strips, crab Rangoon, egg roll and a spring roll.

To their credit, everything came out hot and so much so that we had to let it cool a bit before eating. The fried items were lightly battered which I prefer and the pork was more of a strip rather than a chunk. The egg roll seemed a bit small and the filling was stringy and hard to chew. Overall we recommend this as a starter.
Next up was the beef with pea pods:

The beef was tender and the pea pods had a pleasant crunch giving this a wonderful balance.

Additionally, my wife loves sesame anything so she ordered the sesame shrimp:

The shrimp were decent size and the sauce was very tasty with enough sweet to complement the tangy.

And for a side our selection was the chicken lo mein.

With noodles that were not overcooked and plenty of chicken we enjoyed this as an accompaniment.

It was surprising that our meal did not come with white rice and I'm not sure if this was on purpose or if it is not served when you order lo mein. Regardless, we left full and had plenty of leftovers to enjoy later.

I believe our waitress was handling the whole restaurant and she was professional and attentive.
And with that we recommend SunShui for our readers. The service was excellent and the food did not disappoint. We would definitely visit again the next time we are in the area.