Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The promise of authentic Mexican food at La Cabana in New Boston

What is the biggest problem with Mexican restaurants these days? Many have dishes that are covered in cheese to hide how bad the food really is from their customers. We believe any restauranteur who would like to be a success should start by make authentic dishes with fresh ingredients and the crowds will find you and appreciate the extra effort. This brings us to our latest review, La Cabana Mexican Grill, in New Boston.

At the former location of Damian's, just over the border from the Goffstown line in New Boston, La Cabana Mexican Grill sits along Route 13, a sleepy road filled with trees and a meandering river and not much else. We visited on a recent Saturday night and although we always look forward to trying something new there is a small bit of doubt in our mind. We wonder if the experience is going to be the same mediocre food and hope for the best.

The first thing you will notice when you walk in are the very high ceilings and the large expansive wooden floor below that takes center stage. The dining area is all tables with a higher step up area in the back and some additional seating to the right.

Decorations are tastefully done with pictures sprinkled throughout.

After settling in we looked over what the restaurant states is a menu of authentic dishes and not what they call "Americanized" options. I ordered a beer and my wife ordered a margarita and after some discussion we decided to start with their nachos.

This was a pleasant surprise of tender beef, grilled chicken, shrimp and vegetables nestled on top of a cheese sauce. Speaking to our taste buds, there is nothing to hide from our customers here. We sprinkled some of our salsa that had previously come with their nacho chips and this was a tasty combination. One thing the wait staff needs to pay attention to is that the orders arrive at the table that ordered the dish. We placed our appetizer order long before a table next to ours did but somehow our nachos were brought out to their table even though they had placed their order just a few minutes before! To our waiter’s credit he seemed puzzled by the mix up and he was very apologetic.

I chose their chicken croqueta burrito for my entree.

This was a white flour tortilla rolled and filled with grilled chicken in a medium sauce. Served with rice and beans this had a nice medley of flavors.

While looking at the menu may I suggest for your consideration the chicken stuffed with vegetables at the top. I mention this because after eyeing this dish at the same table that had stolen our nachos order earlier the gentleman who had ordered this was eating quickly with delight after each bite. My regret was evident as I stared at the plate wishing that it could be mine and thinking that I would definitely order this entree on our next visit.

My wife's selection was mole poblano enchiladas.
Three enchiladas arrived filled with chicken and covered with a smoky mole poblano sauce. She thought the dish was tasty and would recommend it. The nachos were filling so she ended up taking home most of her meal.
The promise of authentic Mexican food should be enough of a reason for you to try the La Cabana Mexican Grill. There is room for improvement in terms of coordination and timing between the kitchen and front wait staff but in our eyes they are certainly moving in the right direction.