Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A pig out is the order of the day at Goody Coles

I had been trying to figure out where to find decent BBQ in New Hampshire. I then realized that I needed to turn to the resident expert in the northeast, Pigtrip. He suggested Goody Coles in Brentwood and we were on our way.

When you think of a BBQ joint Goody Coles fits the term perfectly. Picture a small building that looks more like a red shed for storing tools than a restaurant. You will also see wood along the sides that I assume is used for the smoking of their meats. Driving through the parking area watch out for the pot hole that is right in the middle of the lot.

Once you enter the building, you place your order at the small counter to the left as you walk in. Six small tables look back at you from the rear of the restaurant with hundreds of license plates dotting the walls. There are a variety of BBQ sauces including mild, hot and sweet varieties to choose from which will please anyone’s palate. There are also several picnic tables outside for dining in the warmer weather.

To say that I wasn't planning to eat healthy would be an understatement and here a pig out is in order. Don't worry about counting calories, just eat as much as you can and let the deliciousness of the food flow over you.

For our tastes we favor their BBQ Plates that you can get with one, two or three meats. Options are pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked turkey, chicken, kielbasa, pork ribs, big rib or full rib plates. These include two of their home made sides and cornbread.
I chose the beef brisket and kielbasa along with macaroni salad and jambalaya for sides.

The meat of the brisket was as tender as something that you might cook in a crock pot for days. Pulling apart with little or no effort and just enough fat to give a beautiful flavor. My favorite part are the well done edges that have more of a bite. Not to be outdone, the kielbasa had a salty flavor that went right along with the brisket. The sides were very good as well but let's face facts, the reason to go here are the smoked meats.
My wife selected beef brisket with the macaroni and cheese and the cucumber salad.

She was very happy with her selections but would have preferred less fat on her meat. Cornbread is a favorite of hers and she said that this was among the best she’s had.

I didn't know what to expect from the staff. They were very friendly, polite and patient to the point of taking the time to let me try a sample of the kielbasa while others were waiting behind us to order.

With that we think you will enjoy a visit to Goody Coles in Brentwood. Especially for those of you who would like to try BBQ or are looking for a place not in the South where you can get something decent. Thank you Pigtrip for your help on this one.