Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bennett's Sandwich Shop

Who among us doesn't love a great sandwich? If you live in the Portsmouth area, Bennett's opened a new downtown shop back in June. On a recent visit, my wife and I were excited to see the new addition. We are familiar with their other location in Kennebunkport, Maine and looked forward to finding out if the Portsmouth shop would be as good.

This is a small store that serves delicious hot and cold subs and you can get just about anything on your sandwich including pastrami, cheeseburger, steak & cheese and chicken fajita. For cold options, they have roast beef, turkey and Italian to name a few. And if you like lobster there is a sub that is over a half pound, wow! Expand the picture below for more details:

We decided to split a large steak & cheese:

If you had a dream about the best sub you ever had this would be near the top. The steak is beyond tender with no fat. Throw in your favorite melted cheese and you are going to be visiting often. I'm not sure where they get their rolls but they are top notch.

On a previous visit to their sister location, we also tried their Chicken Fajita. You may not believe this is possible but I think this is even better than the steak and cheese. With onions, peppers and mushrooms their team has mastered the art of grilling. This may seem simple but if the chicken is overcooked it becomes dry and ruins the sandwich.

And they hire some of the best and nicest people to work at their stores. Everyone exudes friendliness at every step of your visit from ordering to pick up.

So this is pretty much a no brainer, if you love subs a stop at their new Portsmouth location is a definite must. And don't forget the Kennebunkport store that is open during the warmer weather months.