Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Find Grassfield's no matter how difficult

Looking for something new to try, my wife suggested Grassfield’s in Andover, Massachusetts based on a recommendation made to her. Located just a short 20 minute drive from the New Hampshire border, it is an easy stop for those returning from a trip to Boston. On North Main Street in front of a mall with no sign identifying the location from the road, the restaurant is easy to miss. After originally driving past it, we turned around and entered into the turn for a shopping plaza. Looking around for a minute, we finally spied the building. A couple next to us at the bar had lived in town for years and didn't even know the place existed!

We decided to have a drink at the bar before venturing into the dining room for dinner. Looking over the menu, the first thing I noticed were the reasonable prices on entrees. Most are in the $13 to $20 range so this is a good option for anyone who does not want to spend a mint on dinner. Keep in mind that you need to order a salad separately.

To begin we started with their honey buffalo chicken tenders.

Not a fan of anything sweet on poultry, my wife won the battle on the appetizer. Served with blue cheese dressing, I had to admit that these were quite tasty.

Next my choice was a large order of their steak tips:

These were requested medium well and cooked tender and juicy. The rice is combined with spinach and was a nice change from standard fair. Most of the entrees have a regular or larger size and servings are on the small side.
My wife's pick was the baked stuffed shrimp with the house rice.

The shrimp were a decent size and the stuffing was tasty but filling so she ended up taking home left overs.
The service was exceptional throughout from the host when we arrived to our experience at the bar and our waitress during the main meal. The welcoming attitude was appreciated and not always found at a busy restaurant on a Saturday night.
Grassfield’s is worth a visit. You will have an inexpensive and decent meal in a warm friendly environment.