Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Skip Tortilla Flat

There is a sad harsh reality trying to find decent Mexican food in New Hampshire. Most of what you get is mediocre at best and unless you want to make a trip south or the border the choices are limited. With that said we continue looking and that brought us to the Epping location of Tortilla Flat.

In addition to Epping, Tortilla Flat has two other locations with one in Portland, Maine and the other in Merrimack where we had previously visited. Because it was many years ago, we didn’t remember it being a stellar experience but thought it was worth another try.

What we found was a bustling bar area and a busy but not packed dining room on a Friday night. Our vantage point ended up being a half moon type of booth that is good for people watching but not so much if you are looking for privacy. The service throughout the whole dining experience was very slow and initially the wait for a server was much too long.

The Mexican food unfortunately was subpar. Chips and salsa arrived and the chips didn’t have any flavor.  This was followed by an appetizer of fried half potato wedges filled with melted cheese.

These were just okay and certainly not as good as we thought they would be based on the description.

Next were the chicken and beef fajitas with sautéed vegetables that had an unfavorable taste.

This may have had more to do with the type of spices and/or oil that were used.

And finally the polo espinaca burrito was a major disappointment and kept in line with the no flavor theme we were experiencing.

The menu indicated the dish had garlic in it but none could be found.

Based on our experience we are unable to recommend Tortilla Flat. The food was below expectations and the service was not much better.


1-11 Brickyard Square
Epping, NH. 03042

Phone. 603-734-2725