Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Popeye's to open in Nashua

Most of you know that NH Reviews is not a huge fan of chain restaurants but we thought you would be interested to know what dining establishment is going in at 141 Daniel Webster Highway, the former home of Wendy’s. Construction has been under way for a while and is now confirmed to be a Popeye’s.

Not sure what happened to Wendy's on one of the busiest roads in New Hampshire. They also had a restaurant in Merrimack just off the highway near the Common Man that went out of business so hopefully this isn't a bad trend for the company.

I understand that there was a Popeye’s inside the Pheasant Lane Mall at the food court in the past that is now gone. Once completed they will have two NH locations with one other in Salem.

We have never been to a Popeye’s and given that I love fried chicken it is probably time to sample some of their offerings. No indication on when they might open but the hiring now sign out front indicates that may happen soon.


141 Daniel Webster Highway
Nashua, NH 03060