Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Great fried food and ice cream at Goldenrod

The Goldenrod in Manchester has been a favorite stop of ours for ice cream over the years. Not only do they serve frozen treats, the restaurant also has a large menu filled with comfort foods. During one of our visits we wanted to try something other than dessert and of course all in the name of NH Restaurant Reviews. And with that on a recent Sunday afternoon our time had come to find out about the rest of their grub.

Insanely busy is the best way to describe the restaurant when we arrived with a line almost out the door. Because of this there was no seating to be had and after almost giving up my wife spotted a party leaving and she grabbed a booth. In the mean time I was almost to the end of the line having no idea what to order and quickly scoured the menu above my head on the wall.

You will find a smorgasbord of options available. Fried seafood dinners, chicken tenders, subs, sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, chowder, lobster rolls and even spaghetti
 can all be yours. Going with my gut instinct the fisherman's platter seemed like the logical choice.

This was plenty for the two so us. Loaded with delectable whole belly clams, shrimp, scallops, haddock and crunchy French fries you would not be disappointed.

We have always found the staff to be friendly, gracious and helpful to their customers. The owners have done well hiring the right people to provide the best service.

Whether you are seeking just ice cream, lunch or dinner Goldenrod has you covered. With the weather feeling more like summer, there is no better time to see for yourself.


1681 Candia Road
Manchester, NH 03109

Phone: 603-623-9469