Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Willow Bakery And Restaurant Is Closed

The short existence of The Willow Bakery and Restaurant in Henniker is apparently over. All signs point to a business that has closed their doors.

We have attempted to visit their website and Facebook Page and both are gone. Dialing the prior listed number gets you a message that it is out of service. You may be wondering what happened and on that there is very little information. One of the challenges they had was trying to run a dining establishment in a remote out of the way location. Maybe they just didn’t have enough customers to support continuing operations.

The Willow Bakery and Restaurant tried and sadly failed to bring Southern food to the Granite State. This is unfortunate on a number of levels not only for the owner but also for everyone like yours truly who is continually searching for this type of cuisine. Thinking and dreaming of chicken and dumplings or smoked meats or a nice piece of fried chicken that tastes delicious the way that we know it should. Hopefully there is someone else who will open a similar style restaurant and give us all that we crave but can not easily find.