Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pub Grainery a disappointment

One thing you can always count on at NH Reviews is our honest opinion. No sugar coating, just a real overview of our experience which brings us to the Pub Grainery on Otterson Street in Nashua.

Previously called Board and Beam, they started business way back in 1976, the restaurant is housed in an odd location. On the second floor of an old rectangular building with the first story containing a plumbing company. There is an outside dining area to the left once the top of the stairs are reached. The inside is best described as a dive bar environment. A large room containing many brown tables and in the distance a long bar.

We were seated next to an open window towards the front of.the building. Unfortunately for us this did not help with our comfort level because the air was not only very warm but sticky. This was one of those days where air conditioning was definitely needed.

On the menu their website indicated that this was new but our waitress suggested that it had not been changed for years. Looking things over this seemed to be filled with decent bar goodies at a reasonable price with most of the entrees under $20 bucks. After some discussion and finding out that the potato skins are made with everything fresh that was our starter.

These did have real potatoes, bacon etc... but were lacking any flavor. Perhaps they should consider a stronger cheese such as cheddar.

I selected a Friday special as an entree, the all you can eat haddock.

I love a nice slab of fried fish and this had a beautiful crunchy covering. Sadly, the interior was dry and may have been caused by a filet that was cooked just a bit too long.

My wife opted for a hamburger.

She ordered this medium and it was served well done. They tried a second time and although it had a little pink was still not cooked properly.

To be fair there were some bright spots. Our waitress couldn't have been nicer and did her best to try and help us through the process. Additionally, across the street is the Millyard Brewery and the Grainery serves some of their brews on tap. The Nashua Millyard IPA went down smooth and is recommended.

This is not a pub that we would visit again. The food was subpar and we think is best suited for those in search of a watering hole. That said you can check them out yourself at the address below:

36 East Otterson Street
Nashua, NH. 03060